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Integrating the Richard Cannon Jewelry product feed to your custom website

There are several ways you can access the product feed to integrate the product feeds onto your custom website. We have outlined the various methods below.

Using the Richard Cannon Jewelry Web Service/API

You can make use of the web service to programmatically download and consume the product data. The advantage of this will be having a live feed in place with updated inventory data instead of manually maintaining any updates to a product feed. You also have the option to consume the feed with your own custom titles and descriptions that you can provide in bulk via an excel sheet.

  1. Once you have created your product feed, copy the unique access key associated with the feed.
  2. Write a program that downloads the feed to your server and database.

    Following versions are avaliable in API
  3. Version 3.0

    Version 2.0

Using .XLS/.XML Feed

You can make use of the downloaded feed to programmatically parse the data such that it can be imported to your product catalog.